Before becoming a photographer I served in the United States Marine Corps until I was injured.  When I came back to my home in Miami, Florida I became a manager at one of the local major retail companies.  I left there to try my hands at being a business owner and purchased a franchise.  My wife and I ran this for 5 years before we decided that the business was not giving us back what we were putting into it.  So I went back to work but this time for my local public school doing IT work.  While being very good at what I was doing I was lacking the passion need to really enjoy going to work.  So I decided to return to school myself to get my bachelors degree in Web Design and Interactive Media.  The interesting thing happened during my schooling.  I had to take a course in Introduction to Photography and I found my passion that was missing.  I did manage to finish school and get my degree, but was unable to find a beginners job in web development that gave me the salary I needed to switch job.  But even after I finished school I continued to shoot photography for myself and my love for photography continued to grow too.  I now do photography full time and looking to travel very soon taking pictures of places and people from around the world.


Please submit a message to me if you have any questions or would like to become a model for my next photo shoot.